Nothwest Florida Championship Rodeo Events - Mutton Busting - Children ride a sheep for six seconds - Annual Bonifay, Florida Rodeo


Thursday: October 3rd, 2024

Frida:y October 4th, 2024

Saturday: October 5th, 2024


Boys or girls can register.

Ages 4+, weighing less than 60 lbs.

Parent or guardian must call (850) 547-5363 to register their child into a “Call-In Lottery”.

Call in Lottery:

September 25th & 28th 2024

Contestants will be contacted on October 1st & 2nd, 2024

You must speak to a person, no names taken by message.

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Mutton Bustin’ Release Form


Children ride a sheep for six seconds.

The Winner receives a prize nightly. The event will be during intermission of the rodeo each night. The shows are non-stop action and excitement as the children and our animal athletes (the sheep) are the center of attention. Music, colorful commentary from the announcer and even in-arena interviews with participants make this show one of the best spectator sports on the grounds.

Contestants will be contacted the week of October 4th.

Approximately 30 Children will be drawn from the lottery. 8–10 children will ride nightly. The Contestants/Parent will receive a call to let them know what night they will compete. Will Call Gate to Box Office Gate and check in at the Merchandise Tent by 7:00 pm. Children will be weighed and sized for helmets and safety vest. Parents must sign a liability waiver.

Helmets and rider protection vests are required and are provided. Chaps may be worn, but will not be provided. The minimum age to ride is four years old. If your child is less than 25 lbs. we reserve the right to “lift off” the rider, so that they get the experience of riding the sheep without hitting the ground.

Our family-friendly volunteers will guide each Mutton Buster through every step of the process. This includes special fittings of the helmets and vests, help from our “chute boss” that places the rider on the sheep and guides them on the best techniques of riding. The Chute Boss will stay in the chute with the rider and sheep until the gate opens.